Thank you, Nick

One of the very few moments I experienced comfort was while watching One More Time with Feeling, a documentary film produced during the recording of Nick Cave’s album Skelton Tree. This is a clip from the film and one of the songs.

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father, professor, filmmaker, writer, alchemist.
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3 Responses to Thank you, Nick

  1. christi72013 says:

    Here sits a man who wallows in pain, for the true love he lost.
    I feel your pain.
    Peace and love Chrissie


  2. Roy Cross says:

    I did not interpret this song, nor this performance as a man wallowing in anything. I hesitated to post this because people can often bring their own projection to a song, which is distant from my own intention. Pain is another word I don’t associate with either. More on that in another post. 🙂

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  3. Rene Daigle says:

    Hy Roy , hope you feeling better, I hesitate to wish you a happy new year, I know that you have a fair task to return to a better state of mind, I will think of you in my thoughts. It can only get better ,I think. Regards René

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