I intend to write and publish some new work in the coming weeks. I wrote through winter but did not publish anything on this blog. I am not sure why except that in some ways publishing made me feel more lonely. I will publish some of the backlog of posts as a way of clearing things out. The posts to follow over the next few weeks were written a handful of months ago, and I am not nearly as fucked up now as I was then. If you were inclined to ask me how I was but didn’t lest you have to witness me melt before your eyes, these will give you some idea of where I have been with my grieving process. I will roll them out one at a time. If you were hoping to binge read to catch up you will be disappointed. The first one from the archive is: The Bed. Shine on!

About Roy Cross

father, professor, filmmaker, writer, alchemist.
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3 Responses to Shine

  1. Perpetua says:

    Good to see you.

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  2. christi72013 says:

    I’ve been thinking about you lately Roy. Looking forward to reading your posts. Please take care.
    Peace and love Chrissie


  3. Valerie McClellan says:

    Dear Roy: Such a blessing of Susan and your love for each other. It is our hope that through your writing, many more will understand what the meaning of true love is. The physical is obvious to some degree to most, but being vulnerable to our loved ones transcends us to another plane of the “physical” aspect, which you so well wrote about. Truly, acceptance of another wherein a person who had feelings of guilt or shame can know and feel that it’s ok, because~true love conquers all. Some don’t believe this, but yet you have shown this to be true. Bless Susan for being who she is, was and will be forever. Susan is clearly one of the most influential role models in our lives. She accepted and loved~a true rarity. There are only a few amazing people with whom we have had the honour to know and love~and Susan is one of these incredible women!! Thank you, Roy, for your honesty and compassion.
    Sincerely, Valerie, Mark, Lauren and Jade McClellan


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