I’m a guy, Roy Cross, whose girlfriend, Susan Briscoe, is dying. She has been reflecting and writing about her disease and life and impending death for the past few months. Her openness has been inspiring to others. I thought it might be useful for my own well being to write a response of sorts, enter into a conversation, albeit an indirect one, between us. I also thought it might be helpful for others who are in a similar situation. For nearly everyone who finds themselves in Susan’s shoes there is someone walking in mine.

I’ve been in a relationship with Susan for almost seven years. We met online, back in the old days when people met online. I probably know her better than anyone now. And it feels like a good time to share some things. If you landed here through a random act of internet digression you might want to start over at The Death Project, by Susan Briscoe for some context.

The title for my wordpress site (pale anguish) is taken from an Oscar Wilde poem, The Ballad of Reading Gaol, which touched me deeply when a filmmaker introduced it to me many years ago.